Sabiñan is a beautiful town nestled in the Jalón valley and surrounded by the Iberian Mountain Range. Its situation takes advantage of where the valley widens between the cliffs that close in towards the south in the direction of Calatayud.

The campsite can be found 300m from the village of Sabiñan which has the following services available:

  • Health centre
  • Chemist
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Petrol Station
  • Civil Guard post

The town boasts an important historical past with very interesting monuments, like the two Mudejar towers, declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO; the Palace of the Counts of Argillo, a seventeenth century Aragonese palace, where the skull of the "Luna Pope", Benedict XIII; or the Tower of the Bewitched, a defensive tower with an interesting legend. Besides this in the picturesque old part of town we come across various palaces and some chapels hidden away in its recondite streets.

In recent years, the town has seduced artists and craftsmen and women who have moved into the town exquisitely renovating some of the old houses.

Activities in the open air

From the town, you can go on walking trips in the surrounding mountains allowing you to discover the flora and fauna of these 1,000 metre plus peaks with the most spectacular views of the valley below, of the Moncayo Mountains and on a clear day, of the Pyrenees.

The paths that cross the fileds and those that go down the slopes are perfect for Mountain biking. For fans of road bikes, the local roads that start out from the town along the River Jalón gorge and which climbs up the Aranda and Valdejalón district allows you to carry out circular routes where the cars hardly disturb the cyclist.

The natural environment of Sabiñán is perfect for the lovers of bird-watching, photography of flowers or mycology.